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Example of our pest services

Bed Bugs
Adults are 5mm long, reddish brown in colour with well developed antennae. The primary hosts are mammals, from cats and dogs to humans. Any household can be invaded by bed bugs, and as they cannot fly, they must either crawl or be passively transported in clothing, luggage, furniture or any other object that can be used as a harbourage. Even pets can unknowingly transport them.

Possible sources may be from areas of high population density such as hostels, hotels and holiday camps. These choose to make their home in warm areas, typically in bed linen, mattresses, and even woodwork near beds, although they can infest sofas and other items of upholstery.

Like fleas, they feed on blood, although most species only feed on humans when there is no other food available. The treatment of choice is a professional-grade water-based insecticide that has been specially selected for its safety profile and mode of action, that only a trained and licensed specialist is authorized to administer.

Northamptonshire insect elimination

Express Northamptonshire pest control offer an insect control service that is second to none. Northamptonshire insects such as house fleas or bed bugs need urgent attention as these types of insects will multiply at an alarming rate. For any Northamptonshire insect infestation such as ants, silverfish and cockroaches we can have someone to your door that same day to eliminate the problem and provide preventative measures.

For the health and safety of those near the affected area it is imperative that only a trained local Northamptonshire engineer apply industrial pesticides and insecticides. For any Northamptonshire insect problem you can rely on us for a safe and efficient service.

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