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Example of our pest services

There are many different types of bees which we may come across and all are very beneficial to our environment. However, some species such as solitary mining or masonry bees do not have the ability to sting man and some are specific pollinators of certain flowers. Bees come in three major varieties in the UK; Honey Bees, Bumblebees and Masonry Bees.

The first two are protected species due to their usefulness in pollinating plants (and honey bees agricultural use of making honey), and should be moved where possible, but it is permissible to forcibly exterminate them where there is a serious threat to life or property.

Bees are either social or solitary, in that they either readily join with others in a nest, or rarely do so and raise their young alone. Bees can sting repeatedly like wasps can, if attacking another insect. However, if a Honey Bee is attacking a mammal or larger creature with skin, the barb gets stuck in the skin and the bee is fatally wounded in its escape.

Northamptonshire insect elimination

Express Northamptonshire pest control offer an insect control service that is second to none. Northamptonshire insects such as house fleas or bed bugs need urgent attention as these types of insects will multiply at an alarming rate. For any Northamptonshire insect infestation such as ants, silverfish and cockroaches we can have someone to your door that same day to eliminate the problem and provide preventative measures.

For the health and safety of those near the affected area it is imperative that only a trained local Northamptonshire engineer apply industrial pesticides and insecticides. For any Northamptonshire insect problem you can rely on us for a safe and efficient service.

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